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  • If you are a new patient, Welcome! Our team will be sending you new patient forms electronically. Please complete these as soon as you receive them so we may review them to prepare for your visit. This will make your check in process easier and faster. 

  • Also, if you are a new patient, please have your latest X-Rays E-mailed to us at 

  • For our wonderful existing patients! Please update your medical history and medications form as we send them to you electronically prior to your appointment.

  • Stay home if you are feeling ill or have any symptoms. Let our office know as soon as you can.

  • Bring a blanket or something warm to wear.

    • It can get fairly cold inside of the office due to high air circulation.

  • Bring your Nightguard/Retainers/Removable Dentures so the doctor may check it. FYI, we are no longer able to clean them here. 

Invisalign Consultation
  • Arrive on time.

  • Arrive wearing a mask.

  • Per our hygienist's request, please brush your teeth before arrival.

    • Due to the risk of aerosols spreading, we are currently not allowing patients to brush in the sinks. 

  • Come alone if possible.

    • Unless you require assistance or are a minor, we ask that you come alone.

  • Bring earplugs or earphones.

    • With the increased amount of equipment to create cleaner air, it can get loud.

We look forward to seeing you!

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