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Beyond Numbers: Celebrating Chrystal's Journey from Irvington High to Entrepreneurial Success

Chrystal is & has been such a HUGE part of this team since 2018. We have never met anyone who works harder, more efficiently, and more diligently with numbers & insurance than her. From office manager to currently running her own dental billing services, she helps multiple offices thrive. Both Chrystal & Dr. Anna were C/o ‘97 Irvington High grads. Back then, Chrystal was ASB Treasurer and handled finances alongside her grandmother, Ms Moore (Irvingtons’s Treasurer for many years), & Dr Anna who was ASB’s Fundraising Commissioner. Chrystal we thank you for your commitment & hard work! #IHSAlumni #srphoto #bosslady #bossmom #beautifulinsideandout #billingservices #iParrishLLC #fremontfamilysmiles

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