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Dental Care Can Be Delivered Safely Amid The Pandemic With Appropriate Personal Protective Equipment

Dear patients, 

In response to the World Health Organization's Aug. 3 guidance advising that routine non-essential oral health care, including oral health check-ups, dental cleanings and preventive care be delayed, the CDA and ADA have come back STRONGLY disagreeing. 

Good Morning America (GMA) on Aug. 13 reported that the American Dental Association reports dental care can be delivered safely amid the pandemic with appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE). 

I encourage you to watch this video regarding the response.

I also want to inform everyone that our team is doing everything we can to protect you and our staff. Here is a list of things: 

  • We do a Temperature check/Screening of all employees before entering the office daily. 

  • We are using N95 masks with Level 3 masks over it, face shields, head caps, shoe booties

  • We are certified and have gone through proper training with Enviromerica to meet all standards of OSHA, ADA and CDC

  • We are having patients comply with Social Distancing and limiting the number of people in the Welcome Room to 2 at a time

  • We have installed Medical Grade Air Purifiers in EACH operatory as well as the Welcome Room

  • We have implemented a Non-Toxic High Grade Aerosol Disinfectant in each room that kills COVID-19 safely as well as other viruses/bacteria

  • We have a modified Check-In process with Proper Screening and Temperature checks before entering

  • We are having all patients Pre-Rinse with an anti-viral/anti-bacterial before all procedures

  • We have a safe Autoclave/Sterilization Unit to ensure your instruments are sterile and clean

  • We have trained our team proper Hand Washing and Hand Sanitizing techniques according to the World Health Organization as well as have posters available for our patients. .

  • We are diffusing anti-viral Essential Oils

  • We are continuously keeping updated with the OSHA, ADA and CDA protocols.

Please understand that none of this is easy for us, but we do it because maintaining proper oral health care is extremely essential, we are aware if avoided may affect systemic health. 

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