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Freshen Up Your Smile: Schedule Your Spring Oral Health Screening Today!

Spring is here, making it the perfect time to do some dental spring cleaning. When you are in our office, we'll do a screening for any possible oral cancers. While this is just a precaution, we want to make sure your teeth are clean and your mouth is free of infections, sores, spots you might be worried about, or spots you might not even know are there. If you're a tobacco user or consume high amounts of alcohol, you are at a higher risk of oral cancers. HPV could also be a cause of oral cancer. And even if you're not at a higher risk because of the things above, we are happily checking our patients for any things that could be or lead to cancer. Make an appointment today to check another thing off your spring cleaning list. 📝 #oralcancer #oralcancerawareness #oralcancerawarenessmonth #healthyteeth #wellness #happyteeth #dentist #gumcare #dentalcare #oralcare #bestsmile


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